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DIY Kit Assembled

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In 2010 we introduced the extremely popular Rainbow Flood Light. The light gave our customers a lot of options when it came to controlling it, including the Rainbow Brain. The floodlight was very bright for it's size but we knew we could do better.

Constant Current Technology takes full advantage of the brightness of every LED that is attached. So, we teamed up 56 3 chipped Superflux LEDs with extremely powerful constant current drivers to deliver the most powerful and brightest do-it-yourself floodlight on the market. Each LED features 3 chip sets inside the lens. That is like getting 3 LEDs in just one unit! When you add in the constant current technology, these lights will far out perform most lights on the market today.

The light is constructed with two different boards that snap together with locking pins. The first board contains all the driving components and DMX address settings. The second board holds all the LEDs. Once the boards are snapped together the completed board slides into its fully waterproof aluminum enclosure. Connection is made with a single waterproof connection that brings power and DMX data to each and every light. (One 12 volt Power/DMX Blender is required per light string). Up two 32 lights can be daisy chained together! (May also be limited by the size of your transformer.)

Each light requires 5 DMX channels. A red channel, green channel, blue channel and 2 strobe channels. Built in strobe settings allow you to create intense multicolored light displays!

With the addition of a single toggle switch the light can be turned into an extremely bright work light. The switch also helps when setting the light into position.

Rainbow Spotlight Rainbow Spotlight Rainbow Spotlight

  • Lenth: 11"
  • Width: 3"
  • Height: 5""
  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Operating Voltage: 1.5 amps when on at full intensity
  • Kit Features

    DIY Kit

  • 2 - Printed Circuit Board (LED Board and Component Board)
  • 56 - 3 Chipped Superflux LEDs
  • 1 - Components package including pre-programmed processor
  • 1 - Pigtail set
  • 1 - Waterproof enclsoure and hardware
  • Assembled Light

  • 1 - Fully assembled flood light
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