About Us

Seasonal Entertainment was founded by a true holiday lighting enthusiast.  Initially we sold primarily holiday light products; however, with the growth of the LED lighting industry we have endeavored to expand our market to provide our customers with the highest quality lights for any project they choose to undertake.  All our products are developed by people in the industry, for people in the industry and the every day do-it-yourselfer. We get ideas and feedback from you, the users, and apply our years of knowledge into the products we develop. However, we can do a lot more than that...

What We Offer

Seasonal Entertainment has been designing and manufacturing high quality lighting since 2008. Our products are designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind and allow the customer to install the products quickly and easily.  In some cases you can even build the lights yourself. If you like our products but don't know the first thing about building electronics, we also offer fully assembled and tested units for you to purchase. With our unmatched warranty everyone is protected.

Where We Deliver

No matter if you live in Los Angeles, Houston, Stockholm, Caracas, Canberra, Beijing, Moscow or Roma, we can deliver to you! Please note that international shipping can take up to 3 weeks to arrive and additional charges may apply. Domestic shipments usually arrives in 3 to 7 business days. During the checkout process several shipping methods are available for you to choose.  Actual shipping will be calculated at the time your parcel is dispatched.

Our Motto

Simplifying Lighting...that is our motto. Established in 2008, Seasonal Entertainment has become the one location on the internet where home owners and professionals alike can find the lighting products they need. Whether you choose to build it yourself with one of our DIY kits or whether purchase a fully assembled light, the results will be the same...long lasting, bright lighting. Our staff recognizes the needs within the industry and works tirelessly to offer

Designed in the USA

We take pride in the fact that our products are designed right here in the USA.  Plus, the majority of our products sold are also assembled in the USA as well.  This means that we can control the quality of our products from the first time a design comes to mind to when the end user plugs it in.  Everything we do is done with quality and affordablitiy in mind!

What else can we help you do?


Love the idea of computer controlled holiday lighting, but don't know the first thing about sequencing? Want to use our lights but don't know how to setup your sequence to use them? No problem! Our staff has used and tested all the major sequencing software on the market today and can help you through the process. Contact Us and we will work with you to develop useable sequences for your holiday lighting spectacular.

Lighting Design

With years of experience our staff has the knowledge and the expertise to help you design your lighting setup.  Whether you are planning on updating your kitchen with some Under Cabinet Lighting or you want us to help design a home theater lighting system, you can trust us to get the job done right. Visit our Design or Consulting pages for more information.

Need Help Fast?

We offer full customer support on all of our products. For immediate help feel free to contact us via our online chat system during normal business hours Monday through Friday.  Of, if you prefer speaking directly with one of our knowledgable sales associates, give us a call at 973-831-2822.  However, the best way to contact us is always through our Contact Us page.